Rain Cocktails  


I was in Rain tonight and was absolutely amazed at the quality of the cocktails. Even when the bar was packed and I ordered a cocktail it was not rushed in the slightest. The barman - Colly, spent ages mixing the cocktail and then tasting it with a straw dipped in to make sure it was perfect. I was really impressed, at £4.50 each they had a wide selection of cocktails available and the few I had were all delicious.

I've had my doubts about Rain recently, but this dedication to a perfect drink has put me right back at the top of the fan list. Cheap, quick service, polite and delicious. You couldn't expect anything more when you go to the bar.

The music was good tonight too, if mixed a little jaggedly. I had a great night and will definitely go back soon, Rains back on my radar for a good night out.