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Launch of ‘Nu Noise’, Limelights Thursday Student Night!  


According to their Facebook page:
“Belfasts Hottest New Student Club Night comes to the Spring & Airbrake on the 4th of march, each month we will be showcasing the hottest up and coming DJS Northern Ireland has to offer, show your support by coming along and making this student night a success, its 4quid entry and there will be drinks promos on the night!!
The music will be a mixture of modern Techno, Trance + Electro playing from 9pm till 3am!”
This sounds pretty interesting, maybe Thursdays will become what Limelight used to be on Tuesday nights. Hopefully the drink offers are good, I’m getting a little disappointed these days going into Limelight and only seeing vodka/becks/stella for £2 offers. If they could get some VHF’s in and flog them for £1 a bottle they’d be well up there in my books.
Either way, the place needs to do something as it seems to be pretty quiet recently, but maybe that’s just due to the time of year. Either way I really enjoy a night out at the Limelight/Spring+Airbrake. I also hear they’re open till 3am on Tuesday nights too, this sounds cool but I don’t think the bar’s open any later so I’m not sure on that one.
Hopefully I’ll be there tonight, but due to the prices I think I’ll pre-drink a bit more hardcore than usual.