Ask Danny, Your Letters Published  


A couple of times a week I usually get people emailing me asking me about going out in Belfast on a certain night or where a certain DJ is playing etc. and so I thought I'd start publishing the e-mails and my responses here for all to see.

Just yesterday I was sent this:

Hey Danny,

Me and my mate are heading to belfast from dublin on tuesday until saturday. We are basically up for the laugh and going on piss but have no idea where to go as we have never been to belfast. We're talking tuesady, wednesday, thursday and friday night. Any suggestions would be great.

Ta very much :)

Now anyone looking to go out in Belfast for 5 nights in a row has my respect and so I was very happy to help them out with some recommendations:

Hey Adriana!

Great thing about Belfast is there's somewhere everybody goes every night.

Tuesday night everybody goes to this bar/club thing called Limelight which is like 3 bars in one, all playing different music. It's 3/4quid in and they usually have alright drink offers on. Kicks off at 10 and usually finishes 1:30-3am

Wednesday, I'd go to Belfasts best nightclub called Rain. It opens 10pm and stays open serving drinks till 3am. It can get pretty busy so don't expect to get in past midnight but it does great drink deals, cocktails and is probably Belfasts best nightclub.

Thursday I'd normally go to the student union, but it might be really busy or not open depending if Queens has finished yet so I'd probably go Laverys.

If you're planning on doing a lot of drinking, Laverys is somewhere you want to get aquainted with. It's central, opens at midday and closes at 2am. Has 3 levels, one a nightclub, one a pool room and the other has 2 bars in. One which is a normal old bar, the other, the back bar quite funky with reggea nights and stuff. Really good crowd there and very mixed too.

Friday, theres a great bar/restaurant called McHughs that I used to work at. Friday nights they have a club night downstairs which although a bit small is great fun and gets a lot of the young proffesional crowd.

Saturday, the pool room in laveries turns into a nightclub and is utterly awesome. Can't beat it.

'The Bot' is probably belfasts most famous bar, but imo it's crap. Southerners seem to like it though.

Have a good time!


If you'd like some advice on Belfast's nightlife please feel free to send me an email at dannygillen@gmail.com


Big Beat Re-union Belfast, Friday 13th of May @ Love and Death Inc.  


I've just gotten word from the well known DJ Gregz McCann that the big beat re-union is coming to Belfast at the new club 'Love and Death Inc'. I've never been to the new club but I've heard it's good and they do food as well during the day so I hope to give it a review soon. I used to be a big fan of Greg when he DJ'ed over at Laverys so I'm sure this will be a good night.

Here's the press release I was sent:

A phenomena has been happening in clubs across the UK over the last year as Big Beat is well and truly back. The brainchild of legendary DJ Cut La Roc, Big Beat Reunion shows have been taking place in London, Brighton, Birmingham, Bristol and a host of other towns and cities nationwide. Acts that have featured include such luminaries as The Dub Pistols, Propellerheads, Jon Carter, Aphrodite, Freestylers, Elite Force and the undisputed king of Big Beat, Fat Boy Slim.

Big Beat fused a number of styles including Hip Hop, Breakbeat, Drum and Bass, Techno, Soul, Funk and House combined with classic rock and disco samples, this movement brought Indie kids to the dancefloor and let them party all night.

It’s this fusion party ethos that have made Big Beat Reunion club nights such a massive success, and which are now being brought to Belfast as local DJ/Promoter Gregz McCann has lined up a series of events in what has to be Belfast’s coolest club; Love & Death Inc.

First up is a DJ set from the scene’s ultimate party band Bentley Rhythm Ace as one half of the dynamic production duo and one time Pop Will Eat Itself member Richard March makes a return to Belfast for a party set of eclectic sounds and dancefloor focused beats. 

Bentley Rhythm Ace were formed when Richard and Mike Stokes met while scouring boxes of second hand vinyl at car boot sales. A mutual love of rare grooves and off beat sounds was discovered and led to the pair developing a sound all of their own which manifested itself on their self titled debut album which was released on Skint records. The closing track from the album "Return of the Hardcore Jumble Carbootechnodisco Roadshow" seemed to encapsulate the band’s sound in terms of both live and DJ sets.

Richard will be bringing a bag of tunes from a very broad spectrum mixing tracks where the samples were sourced with underground floor fillers. All of which will be delivered in that classic fun filled Bentley’s style which has endeared them to lovers of music across the globe.

Support on the night comes from Belfast’s own beat behemoth Gregz McCann.

Friday 13th May
10pm - 3am
Adm £5
Love and Death Inc
10a Ann Street