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The Box is probably Belfasts flashiest clubs Upoun entering you walk through a smoke screen with 'The Box' projected onto it, it's pretty cool.

I remember I spent my first night out in Belfast in the box and I was immediately impressed. There seems to be a strict entrance policy, the pricings generally quite good. There is a great selection of cheap coctails on offer. A fantastic DJ and lots of people looking to have fun.

The dispiriting thing about it is a lot of lads go there to get girls. Normally I have no problem with that, everyone likes to pull. But in the box, if your having fun and there's girls in your group, weird lads on their own slowly snake their way into the group. It's pretty creepy sometimes, they don't even talk, just dance next to you trying to get close to your female friends for half an hour, however they're useually harmless and I imagine the girls are flattered by the attention.

If you actively want to talk to new girls in the box, rather than being a weirdo it's a very fun and social club. It's well kept and clean - although a friend of mine once fell over and was pricked by a needle which is pretty crazy but I think that's a one off. I've never seen anything like that happen personally. It always looks very clean to me.

It's probably the only club in Belfast where there are more girls than boys which means it's music orientated and all about the dance floor. Which is of course a lot of fun to anyone after a few 'fruit box' coctails for only £2.50 each.

The admission fee is ususally £3 and it closes at 1am.

On a thursday night the queue is almost always very big, I reccomend going on a Wednesday when the drinks are all priced at £2. 

You can have bad nights in the box - I've certainly had a few. But it really depends on your mood to be honest. The staff are helpful usually but I once had a very bad incident with regards to the cloakroom, the girl working in their that night was really horrible - wouldn't give me my jacket till the place closed becuase I lost my ticket, but my jacket had my passport in it so it was easy to see it was clearly my jacket.

However there are always people like that and it would be unreasonable to hold it against the venue. Definately a place to go, perhaps it would get stale if you went regually but I am a fan of the place at the moment.

I'm going to give it 17/20. Just make sure you're there before ten on a thursday or friday.

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