Campaign LK playing in Auntie Annie's this Sunday  


I know a lot of people who read this blog are like me massive fans of the Rubber Bandits.

Well I've just got an email advertising a gig their old backing band 'Campaign LK' are playing in Auntie Annies this Sunday. After digging around on Youtube I've managed to listen to a few of their songs and they're really good. This rendition of Rocky Road to Dublin has got to be one of the most original folk performances I've ever heard.

If you're familiar with the Dropkick Murphy's you'll naturally feel at home with the heavy guitar and drums providing a backdrop to the rap infused lyrics that any good Irishman is familiar with.

Doors open at 9pm this Sunday night at Auntie Annies, admission £5. 


Interview with Rosie Romero - Live at Club Mono April16th  


Now I haven't been to Club Mono in quite a while, but the times I have been I've always been impressed by the great atmosphere, fantastic staff, long opening hours and of course - cheap prices.

I've been told that later this month, Saturday April 16th, Rosie Romero who made her name in the infamous Sankeys of Manchester will be playing in our very own Club Mono and it's sure to be a great night.

Below is a short press release and interview with the femme fatale herself, be sure to check out her website to listen to some of her mixes.

Rosie has established herself as a leading member of a Nu-Breed of artists, creating waves from her Manchester base in both her DJ and production guises. Honing her trade as a DJ at the legendary ‘Sankeys’ Rosie now plys her DJ trade throughout the UK and with increasing regularity taking her sound to the international marketplace; and playing in over 25 countries, India, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Japan, Dubai, Ibiza, Italy, Russia, Egypt, Slovakia, Siberia, Belgium, Czech Republic, Poland and Bahrain to name a few of the many.. We caught up with Rosie to find out about her jet set lifestyle and what she is up to musically…

Introduce yourself…
If you insist, my name is Rosie Romero; I am a Manchester based DJ/Producer who plays music to masses around the world. I have produced and lent my vocals to numerous tracks, a few of which will be hitting the dancefloors far and wide in 2011.
How long have you been doing this and what have been the highs and the lows in that time?
I have been playing out professionally for the past four years. I started playing on a month on month basis at Sankeys, Manchester that continued for three years, so I must have been doing something right.  Playing at such a prestigious club certainly helped me get established on club scene. The difficult part is staying there and there is no element of luck in that …it is sheer hard work and I work my but off.
My highs have been travelling the world…getting to see all these amazing countries and cultures. Getting to perform to massive crowds, you can’t beat that rush. I am working with my peers in the studio and making what I consider quality music.  How good is that!
The travelling is also included in my lows but they are small lows and a small price to pay.  The loneliness of travelling and being in hotels on your own is no so good. Luckily for me I befriend people easily whether they want to or not.

What sort of kit do you produce with?
I produce using Logic and I like to play in stuff on a compact keyboard, I am Grade 6 pianist, so I feel very comfortable on the keys. I love using out there samples; I used a recording of the drone of a mosquito flying in one track I made as a breakdown.
Do you approach remixes differently to originals? 
Great question! I always like to put the Rosie Romero stamp on anything I am remixing, though I feel it very important to keep the ‘soul’ of the track. Otherwise it will sound disjointed, at odds with the parts that you are trying encapsulate in your sound.
What makes you agree to a remix… does it have to be a certain type of track?
The only stipulation is that I like it.  I will always tailor the remix to fit the original and not vice versa.
What sort of music do you listen to, what are your current influences?
Gosh, a real wide spectrum of music, from Mersey beat to Missy Elliot. I love Timbaland, the richness and inventiveness of his production always blows me away. I always love the Alex Kenji sound but I am sure not that he influences me in what I produce.

What do you aim to achieve with one of your sets? Do you play to crowds?
The primary aim in my eyes is to make people dance, it is as simple as that and yes there are certain situations that you have to tweak your set to fit your surroundings.  You have to read the situation; I think that is what makes a good DJ and also the ability to create excitement via your music.

How are crowds different all over the world?
I find different crowds react to different elements in tunes, they identify with different sounds but when I have them totally rocking, I can play anything within reason and get a response. As I mentioned previously, it is about testing the water and creating the atmosphere, that excitement and you have cracked it.

What can people expect? Do you spend much time prepping each individual set?
People can expect a powerful, energy packed pile driver of set with me jumping about like a maniac. I am a natural performer; I don’t have a reserved bone in my body. They can expect a damn fine night and that is a promise.

What else you working on?
I’m working on a track with Sandy Rivera, Mark Trophy, DJ Danila, Jorgensen, Jay Kay, Juan Kidd, and remixes for Paul Thomas. I have three tracks coming out on Black Hole Records with my studio partner Kyfu in the next three months and ‘Shut Up’ is out on Big in Ibiza Records shortly.  I have a right few monster tracks up my sleeve too….all will be revealed very soon ;)

What do you do on the daily outside of music?
I own a horse called Rosie, no I didn’t name the horse after myself before you ask, she was already called that.  It keeps me fit; I love the fresh air, which clears my head of the hustle and bustle of life.