A Small Update  


First of all I'd like to apologise for the almost year long gap in posting, I knew back in the day I had a few regular readers and subscribers to this, no doubt you guys gave up checking this a long time ago.

I also miss the emails I used to get from would be freshers asking about Belfast and how it was. For somebody who's grown up in England it was nice to be an authority on Belfast's fantastic night-life whilst it lasted. However, as it turned out you can't go out as much with the dedication I did and pass your exams as well.

After resitting first year and failing again I had to move back home to England. I'm now living in a boring small town called Burnley and dying to get back to Belfast. To do so I've got a few idea's in the pipeline, one of which is a novel I've been writing about my time in Belfast. I've already sent a partially completed draft to a few people and they seemed to like it so maybe I can get somewhere with that, even if I end up just putting it on the web for free and trying to make some cash from advertisements and donations.

I spent the most recent summer working on my own in a small holiday resort for Brits - Kos, Greece. It was great, I got to drink as much as I wanted on the job and lay around on the beach during the day. Even met a few groups from Belfast which was cool.

My friends in Belfast tell me it's as good as ever although the big wheel has gone if you'd believe it! Apparently the new Sunday night venue is the Kremlin with free entry and £1 drinks, I must check that out when I manage to return.

I'm sorry the comment system has been fucked up for a while, only noticed that the other day which was a shame, if you want to contact me I'm at dannygillen@gmail.com

If you're interested, keep watching this space and I'll shortly have a link up for my novel as well as an article on Belfast's night-life in general which I hope to have published in the Gown or something.

Keep Partying and study harder than I did.