Clubbing by Marcography.
I've always wanted to go to M-Club but it's taken me a year and a half to persuade my friends to go with me.

I went on a Tuesday night, where it's £3 and £1 a drink inside. You need a student card to get in too, loads of people were getting turned around becuase they didn't have one. I think that's just Tuesdays though.

Anyway, once inside, I was really, really impressed. The club looks amazing, with 3 floors and fantastic lights and furniture.

When the M-Club say £1 a drink, they really mean it too, excluding redbull and fruit juices, everything was a pound. Even shots of 12 year old highland park - my favourate whiskey. In retrospect that must have been a mistake, it's just too good to be true.

Anyway, for some reason they only had the middle floor open which wasn't a problem untill about 11:30pm when the place got REALLY busy. The queue for the bar was 4+ deep and it didn't seem like they had any intention of opening another floor.

That was such a shame, becuase I was really enjoying the bar until that point but there was no-way I was going to queue for ages to get a drink so we all left after being inside for an hour.

A real shame, if the management had some business sense I would like the place, instead I went to Limelight and had a great time.

I doubt I'll go back to the M-Club, which is a real shame as it could be so good if they'd only put some more staff on.