Indigo Reviewed  


I went to Mono last night for the launch of Belfasts newest student night 'Indigo' as I talked about in the previous post.

I'd never been to Mono before and was surprised at how big it was. I'm too hungover to write a proper review but it was very good.

Great music, very flashy and modern looking bar, drinks deals were fantastic and the staff were great. I've forgotten what I was drinking but it was purple/pink and very nice.

The best bit though was two girls recognised me from my blog, that really made my night!! If anyone else see's me on a night out, please say hello!

Anyway, Indigo was very fun, I'll definately be there on Wednesday nights if I can. And remember, if you get there before 11:30pm on a Wednesday, mention the Belfast nightlife blog or me and you'll get discounted entry.

On another note I cannot wait for freshers week, it's a shame I'm working Monday and Tuesday but Thursday night is going to be amazing, might try and get into the Freshers ball this year.


Belfasts Newest Student Night - Indigo at Mono  


I've never been to club Mono but I've heard good things about it. It's a very popular club at the weekends which is why a lot of students have never been. Now however, Mono has launched a student night that solves the question: "Where do I go on a Wednesday Night??".

The answer is Indigo at club Mono. They are offering £2 on a wide selection of drinks and the place stays open till 3am. For all the freshers this year, they are running a bus from Elms every Wednesday at 9:45pm. The bus cost's £1 per person and takes you straight to the club.

The admission fee is £5 (the same as Rain) but I've been speaking to the management and if you mention the Belfast Nightlife Blog or me (Danny) you'll be able to get in for £4.

The big opening night is this Wednesday and I cannot wait to see what it's like. I'm really excited about the drinks deals there offering right up to 3am which means it will possibly be a longer and cheaper night than going upstairs in the Bot instead.

So I hope to see some of you there this Wednesday and don't forget to mention the blog for your discount.
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The Best Guinness in Belfast?  


In Ireland you can get a pint of Guinness like nowhere else. Anyone who's been to England will be able to tell you the horror of seeing such a fantastic drink butchered by a 16 year old bar girl who thinks she can pour a pint like a glass of lemonade.

I once saw a bargirl pour a pint of Guinness in one, and then scoop the head out with a spoon and top it up. She served it to my friend and half of it was head and it was overflowing down the sides. In my opinion, if she likes head so much she should hang round in the back alley behind the bar, but I digress.

In Belfast there are some fantastic bars that do an amazing pint of Guinness that's perfect every time. I like my Guinness pitch black and cold enough so there are water droplets forming outside the glass, the head needs to be very white and stay white too.

I've drank all over Belfast and in terms of consistency, I've never seen better than you get at Ryan's Bar on the Lisburn Road. It's a very quiet bar during the day, which makes it fantastic for an afternoon pint.

The worst Guinness in Belfast has to be in the Erigle bar, almost always off coloured, warm and plain stinking.


Rain Turn-aways  


I was back in Belfast for a while so I thought I'd revisit my favourite Belfast club - Rain.

Happily, on the way there I got a free stamp from some PR guy outside Limelight which meant I didn't have to pay the £5 entrance fee at Rain.

Now as I was fumbling around outside looking for my ID, these 2 girls and a guy came to get into the club. They were well dressed, pretty and not remotely drunk. The bouncer just turns to them 'Not tonite guys' and turns around.

I've heard this happen to a lot of people and I don't understand it, does anyone know why they do this? I've been there drunk, dressed up and down, trainers and shoes, doesn't matter. Me and everyone I know have always got in.

However, I've met several people who are full of stories of getting turned away from Rain inexplicably.

To Rains credit, they're doing something right, becuase there's never any trouble inside and it's always a fun sociable place to meet people. However, I'm just curious, what is there door policy? Why the strange turn-aways?