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Tompsons is a club like no other in Belfast; it is always open late (usually till 3am Monday-Saturday) which means it's the place people usually end up after the other bars and clubs are closed. 

This results in a diverse but very drunk crowd of people which can often result in a lot of fun. However Tompsons is very dark and very loud throughout, the dance floor is covered in smoke too, combined this makes it an ideal destination for somebody who's taken a few E's or is very drunk and has lost their friends. It costs £5 in Mon-Fri and £10 on a Saturday.

No-one pays any attention to anybody else in the club so the atmosphere is quite cold and can even get boring (the music is often bland). Definately not the place you want to go if you're with friends and you want to keep partying. You'd be far better off getting some more drink from the Hatfields off sales and taking the party home with you. 

The club is always quiet on a weekday before midnight however if you're looking to meet a sleazy member of the opposite sex then this is the time and place to go. It's very strange during those hour's, you'd have to see it for yourself....

In summary:

Scum Rating: 4/5 - Generally there's not many scumbags about, just people who took too much money on a nightout with them and want to stay out as long as possible.

Chance of Pulling Rating: 1/5 - Everyones very cold and keeps to themselves here

Drinks Rating: 3/5 - Generally you can pick up bottles of corona for £1.50 however they only serve vodka past 1:30

Fun Rating: 2/5 - Rarely is there much going on, if you like to dance in the dark and smoke to loud music then you'll have a good time however.

I'm going to deduct 1 point becuase bizzarely the temperature is always cold making me wish I'd brought a coat.

Total Score:  9/20 - One to miss usually.

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