Best Venue 09/10 Academic Year - Your Recommendations!  



I haven't posted here in a while and to be honest the main reason is I haven't been out that much, certainly no-where new. I've hit up the traditional venues though, maybe once a week: Limelight, stiff kitten, even went to the Union a few weeks ago.

What I want for the next week or so is some genuine feedback of where you feel has been the best venue for the 2009/2010 Academic year for Belfasts Nightlife. Has Tompsons students only nights saved it from the reputation it gained last year? Has Rain got too crowded to be any fun? Has limelight soldiered on, and whilst clearly quieter than last year held onto it's identity as the best place for Tuesday night?

What ever happened to Mono? Did they ever get any students to go there?!!

What about Stiff Kitten, some of the Thursday nights there have been immense! Amazing drink offers too. The parlours always been a favourite venue of mine but who knew it had a smoking area?! Great to relax and chill out in for while.

So what is it going to be? Submit your recommendations in the comment box or email me dannygillen@gmail.com

Have at it, I look forward to reading them!