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There's always something going on in Queen's Students Union, however the place really comes alive on a Monday and Thursday night. On those nights, after paying £3 admission, you can get selected drinks for £1.80 and Mandella hall opens with a house DJ playing funky electronic and indie chart songs. 

The place is always heaving on those two nights, but it is always great fun. It's probably becuase virtually everyone there is a student that the atmosphere is so social. Even at it's buisiest, you can still get served at the bar within 5 minutes.

Outside of Mandella in the main downstairs bar there's a house DJ who likes to play rap/hip hop music downstairs. I'm not a big fan of that type of music but I do enjoy what he plays. It's fun to try and sing along to old Eminem songs while your having a few drinks before you move into Mandella.

If you just want a few drinks with friends then you can go to the Bunatee bar where the musics quiter and there's alot of comfy sofas and chairs. 

I imagine most people who read this blog have been to the union, but it you haven't you should definately go. Non students are welcome at anytime too, you just need proof of age.

Friday nights are pretty big nights too, where a widier selection of drinks are available for £1.80 in speakeasy with a DJ and free admission. Very few students attend on a friday night, it seems to be mainly sixth form kids.

Now I'm going to get into a little bit of Union politics here: Why is that on nights students go to their own student union, they have very few drink offers and have to pay admission into their own union.

But on a friday night when very few students go out, it's free admission with better drinks offers? Surely as students pay for the union with their tution fee's they should get offers on nights they go out? 

Also, did you know Queens Student Union has the most expensive alchohol prices in all of the UK? My friend at Imperial College in London can get pints for £2 any time of the day, over here they are £2.50. 

Anyway, the unions a brilliant place, a lot of fun. If you haven't been and you are a student (I've met a few who haven't) then go, right now! There's always something going on, tonight the footballs on with drink offers. 

The union gets 17/20, brilliant fun, if it had £1 a drink like so many other unions, it would get full marks.

Ps. Feel free to leave a comment or send me an email if you have any comments or disagree etc.
dannygillen at gmail.com

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2 comments: to “ The Union

  • 7 May 2009 at 05:40  

    spot on review....well done in the blog...might suggest a few other venues for you: Bar Bacca [la lea night club is upstairs] in the centre of town is good.

    Also the Ormeau Road has a few good pubs: the pavillion or the Errigle Inn are just 10min walk up the Ormeau Road.

    Jude's is an excellent wee bar too just across the road from the Errigle Inn and the Pavillion.

    Would give the Parador a miss tho if you are new to Belfast. Not to blacken the name of a bar but even the locals avoid it unless they want to drink whiskey and start a fight!

    The house up in stanmillis is also good for a night's banter.

    The Menagerie is also a very cool bar: it's on University Street near the Ormeau Road: looks like a warehouse and you have to walk down into the basement: David Holmes the DJ owns it and it's probably the most unique bar about [you'll see what I mean]

    Happy hunting and get some more reviews up!

  • 9 May 2009 at 13:05  

    Hey mate, yeah I forgot about the Ormeau road bars.

    My families from there originally so I'm familiar with the place. Never thought to review them though, great idea.

    I quite like the Parador to be honest, I can be found there occasionally on a Friday evening.

    I'll definitely visit the other venues though, check back soon for a review :D