QUB English Society Corruption  


QUB English Society recently created a facebook event to advertise their 'black and white ball'. However, to further their exposure they resorted to one of the cheapest and most insulting facebook techniques. Anyone who is familiar with facebook will be aware of this, groups where you must first 'become a fan' before you can find out what the group is about.

This is clearly immoral and just poor form. I advocate the boycotting of this event, and by all means, disruption. It annoys me everytime I have to advertise my 'fanship' for these groups before I even know what I'm supporting.

To hell with those who would use such a vile and clearly immoral technique. I hope no-one attends and f**k any society who would advertise in such a way.

When I criticised their methods on their page, my comments were deleted. Well here outside their authority, let it be known how low they are prepared to steep.

The page:

Edit: To excuse this behaviour the society tried to blame geography, I for one am glad their unethical techniques were ineffective: "We were hit badly by people hit by the volcano. We needed to get the word out. We tried really hard. It wasn't immoral, just a bit low in the turn-out. We really tried."

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