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A couple of times a week I usually get people emailing me asking me about going out in Belfast on a certain night or where a certain DJ is playing etc. and so I thought I'd start publishing the e-mails and my responses here for all to see.

Just yesterday I was sent this:

Hey Danny,

Me and my mate are heading to belfast from dublin on tuesday until saturday. We are basically up for the laugh and going on piss but have no idea where to go as we have never been to belfast. We're talking tuesady, wednesday, thursday and friday night. Any suggestions would be great.

Ta very much :)

Now anyone looking to go out in Belfast for 5 nights in a row has my respect and so I was very happy to help them out with some recommendations:

Hey Adriana!

Great thing about Belfast is there's somewhere everybody goes every night.

Tuesday night everybody goes to this bar/club thing called Limelight which is like 3 bars in one, all playing different music. It's 3/4quid in and they usually have alright drink offers on. Kicks off at 10 and usually finishes 1:30-3am

Wednesday, I'd go to Belfasts best nightclub called Rain. It opens 10pm and stays open serving drinks till 3am. It can get pretty busy so don't expect to get in past midnight but it does great drink deals, cocktails and is probably Belfasts best nightclub.

Thursday I'd normally go to the student union, but it might be really busy or not open depending if Queens has finished yet so I'd probably go Laverys.

If you're planning on doing a lot of drinking, Laverys is somewhere you want to get aquainted with. It's central, opens at midday and closes at 2am. Has 3 levels, one a nightclub, one a pool room and the other has 2 bars in. One which is a normal old bar, the other, the back bar quite funky with reggea nights and stuff. Really good crowd there and very mixed too.

Friday, theres a great bar/restaurant called McHughs that I used to work at. Friday nights they have a club night downstairs which although a bit small is great fun and gets a lot of the young proffesional crowd.

Saturday, the pool room in laveries turns into a nightclub and is utterly awesome. Can't beat it.

'The Bot' is probably belfasts most famous bar, but imo it's crap. Southerners seem to like it though.

Have a good time!


If you'd like some advice on Belfast's nightlife please feel free to send me an email at dannygillen@gmail.com

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