A Failed Night Out  


Tonight me and some friends had a few drinks and then set off out to find a late night club in Belfast at 2am. Nowhere would let us in, we tried Yellow, Tompsons, Rain and Kremlin.

Everywhere was either full or about to close. Those are Belfasts only late night spots. Tonight confirmed what I've always felt about Belfast, that the demand for nightclubs is greater than the supply. Or in other words, more people want a late night drink/party than is available.

Clearly the cause of this is Belfasts restrictive liscensing laws compared with the rest of the UK. It's absurd. I had a couple of nights out in Liverpool a few months ago. In liverpool there were a couple of clubs that stayed open till 7am. Very few places charged an entrance fee either.

It's a continual source of annoyment for me. The bars and clubs in Belfast know that they don't need to try hard with their customer service becuase for every person that gets pissed off with the service they recieve and leaves, there are two people queuing outside willing to take their place.

Something needs to be done, I think the solution is 24 hour licenses. 

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