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In my earlier review of Rain nightclub I said I'd return on a different night and see if I still felt the same. I was there on Sunday and to be quite honest I was dissapointed. Arriving at 11:45 and paying £5 in to find the place virtually deserted was annoying. Then the drinks were £2 each until midnight after which they becmae quite expensive. I didn't drink much that night, but I'd say I still had fun.

Clearly the management wern't expecting a busy night as the place seemed under staffed. Particually with regards to downstairs before upstairs had opened at about 12:30am. There seemed to be about 20 people all trying to get served by this one barman. Also, the place was a tip, with glasses everywhere, the floor wet and littered with rubbish.

By 1am I had moved upstairs and it felt alot more alive. However one thing that was really weird was the dance floor is a lowered circle in the middle of the room, so everyone else stands around it watching who-evers dancing. It felt a bit weird, especially when there's only a few of you on the dancefloor. It reminded me of a colleseaum. 

The people on a sunday night certainly seemed more scummier too, I'm not sure if it's fair to award this against the venue though. However, neither me nor my friends had fun like we have had at the place last Tuesday and we left early. 

I'm going to therefor keep Rains score at 15/20, it's not great but it can be fun.

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