2009/2010 Semester here we come!  


This post is going to be a little different becuase I haven't actually been in Belfast in quite a while but think I should update the blog all the same. So this entry is for anyone about to start Uni at Belfast for the first time.

I'm really looking forward to starting Uni again and moving into my new rented house (Holylands). Last year I studied physics and lived in halls but I've changed course to History so will be starting again - can't wait really.

Belfast is an amazing city to be a student in, the nightlife - whilst different from the rest of the UK, is still fantastic. Just make sure you always have 'emergency beers' stocked somewhere in your room as it's very hard to find an off-licence past 10PM with the exception of the Hatfield (expensive) and dodgy taxis. I'd recommend buying 20 'biere specials' from Tesco for £8. Then you'll never be empty handed at an after party.

The only other problem with Belfast is queues to get in places, I'm from a small town in the UK called Burnley and we never have to queue anywhere there. In Belfast I've spent the good part of an hour queuing to get in 'the bot' (which isn't that great anyway for a night out).

Also, you'll struggle to find cheap drinks, personally I haven't seen a drink cheaper than £1.80 in the whole city, but hey I guess that is what the student loan is for.

For those completely new to Belfast, here are the best places to go in your first month:

Student Union - NOWHERE better to be on a Monday or Thursday night, however I wouldn't bother with the 'freshers ball'.

Thompsons - A late night club next to city hall, opens till 3am, £5 in during the week, cold and dark but sometimes has good drink deals. Oh and they only serve Vodka past 1.30 for some reason.

Rain - Another late night club, but far flashier, brighter and more fun than Tompsons. £5 in, open till 3am. Drinks deals before midnight. Honestly, you can spend 5/6 hours here and have a blast. Gay nights on Monday, open all other nights.

Spring and Airbrake - MENTAL on a Tuesday night but get there before 11pm. It closes at 1:30AM but is a must visit venue every tuesday night. Don't go any other weeknight.

The Egg and the Bot - I hate going to either of these places for anything other than sport or pre-drinks as the Egg does some good deals.

The Box - This place is also pretty cool, located in the oddesy. Good on wednesday or thursdays, a few quid in, good drink deals, very dressy and flashy, strict door staff.

There are a whole array of interesting bars in the city center too for those who just want a drink, but students rarely go there for reasons of distance and price.

Good luck!

any questions comment or email me at dannygillen AT gmail.com

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6 comments: to “ 2009/2010 Semester here we come!

  • 23 August 2009 at 15:41  

    wil u go wiv mi

  • 24 August 2009 at 06:31  

    Wow. From England to the Holylands- good luck with that....
    Just thought I'd suggest Stiff Kitten and Kremlin as really good places to go on a night out. Yes Kremlin the GAY BAR you might think, but its a pretty mixed crowd, stylish. don't be afraid to venture into town for a night, as there is a tendency with the students to stick in and around Queen's, go further into town its trendier, (bit more expensive) but I think a lot more fun. Avoid Oydyssey (Box, Beach Club) at all costs, eugghh!

  • 24 August 2009 at 17:06  

    Yes, Stiff Kitten is awesome, if just for the coctail bar upstairs.

    Never done Kremlin, but I hear it's fun.

  • 26 August 2009 at 03:27  

    I was just about to say about stiff kitten too :P Sketchy is fantastic...
    Also laverys can be good craic if you go with a crowd of people..not a lclub but fun all the same
    And we went upstairs in auntie annies last week on a thursday night..the music was fab!

    ohhh and SHINE....its on in the union basically once a month..expensive night out but worth every penny :)

  • 31 August 2009 at 06:27  

    you make a horrible amount of spelling mistakes. (proof reading has never hurt anyone)
    also limelight, etc is open til 2 on a tuesday.
    and 'skool disco' on a thursday in the limelight?
    try that this sept or october.

  • 4 September 2009 at 07:34  

    Yeah spelling mistakes are becuase I only write these when I'm drunk.