Rain Turn-aways  


I was back in Belfast for a while so I thought I'd revisit my favourite Belfast club - Rain.

Happily, on the way there I got a free stamp from some PR guy outside Limelight which meant I didn't have to pay the £5 entrance fee at Rain.

Now as I was fumbling around outside looking for my ID, these 2 girls and a guy came to get into the club. They were well dressed, pretty and not remotely drunk. The bouncer just turns to them 'Not tonite guys' and turns around.

I've heard this happen to a lot of people and I don't understand it, does anyone know why they do this? I've been there drunk, dressed up and down, trainers and shoes, doesn't matter. Me and everyone I know have always got in.

However, I've met several people who are full of stories of getting turned away from Rain inexplicably.

To Rains credit, they're doing something right, becuase there's never any trouble inside and it's always a fun sociable place to meet people. However, I'm just curious, what is there door policy? Why the strange turn-aways?

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