The Best Guinness in Belfast?  


In Ireland you can get a pint of Guinness like nowhere else. Anyone who's been to England will be able to tell you the horror of seeing such a fantastic drink butchered by a 16 year old bar girl who thinks she can pour a pint like a glass of lemonade.

I once saw a bargirl pour a pint of Guinness in one, and then scoop the head out with a spoon and top it up. She served it to my friend and half of it was head and it was overflowing down the sides. In my opinion, if she likes head so much she should hang round in the back alley behind the bar, but I digress.

In Belfast there are some fantastic bars that do an amazing pint of Guinness that's perfect every time. I like my Guinness pitch black and cold enough so there are water droplets forming outside the glass, the head needs to be very white and stay white too.

I've drank all over Belfast and in terms of consistency, I've never seen better than you get at Ryan's Bar on the Lisburn Road. It's a very quiet bar during the day, which makes it fantastic for an afternoon pint.

The worst Guinness in Belfast has to be in the Erigle bar, almost always off coloured, warm and plain stinking.

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