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On a Tuesday night Spring and Airbrake, Limelight and Katy Daly's all come together making a fantastic venue suited to all music tastes. The admission  price is £4 and it's open till 1:30am and worth every penny.  S&A generally plays alternative indie and songs from the charts usually with a strong dance element as well. It creates a fun and loud atmosphere that attracts alot of people. The bars massive too so you rarely have to wait more than a minute or two to get served. 

Next is Katy Dalys which is open throughout the day and they turn the music up at night. It has a great drinks range of bottled ales, fancy larger and if your up for a good time - absinthe. Katy Dalys is ideal to talk to people or just sit back for a while enjoying a decent drink (hard to find in most Belfast night spots). 

Next along is Limelight which plays alot of modern dance and house music. It's pretty much a more mainstream version of Spring and Airbrake but it doesn't have as much atmosphere in it. The musics always good but rarely amazing. If you like to dance you'll definately be able to put an enjoyable hour in there, but it does get stale after a while. The heart of the venue is definately in S&A.

The staff throughout the venue are helpful and proffesional although they are overwhelmed by the mess when it gets busy. The bouncers are friendly and don't seem to turn many people away. 

On a tuesday night, Becks and Stella can be had for £1.50, as well as a selected shots at that price.

On a tuesday night the crowd is young and almost exclusively students or sixth-formers.

I'm going to give the place 15/20. It is definately worth going too. 

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