Danny's Weekly Plan  


Here is where I would be going next week if I could afford to go out every night.

Sunday: Rain: it's cheap drink before midnight, £5 in and open till 3am. Always sociable and get's busy about 1am.

Monday: During term time I'd say the union, but as it's closed probably the parlour. Cheapish drink again and a club upstairs.

Tuesday: Spring and Airbrake, £4 in, open till 1:30, drink offers, great music. I like to get their early, get a wrist band, get a free stamp for Rain outside, then go to weatherspoons for a few cheap pints then back to S&A.

Wednesday: Box, definately. It's quiet so there's never a queue, but it's busy enough to be good fun. £2 a drink all night too. £2 in as well I think. Good fun.

Thursday: Rain again or else the Egg and then Tompsons for a late night session.

Friday: Union or Parlour then Tompsons or Rain.

Saturday Night: Everywhere's too expensive on Saturday night, so I'd make it a quiet pint in The Bot.

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