Update and Rain Again  


I'm sorry about the lack of updates recently, I've been pretty broke and haven't been out much in the last couple of weeks. Both times I did go out though, I went to Rain and I'm sure you're bored of me reviewing Rain by now. I'll try and go somewhere different soon and review that.

However, I must mention that in Rain last Saturday there was a 'beach party'. I went expecting something lame and tacky. However I was blown away by how good it was. They've turned the old factory building behind it into a massive beach area. The floor is covered in sand (or grit?) and there is no roof. They had a DJ playing summer anthems and a BBQ. It was a sunny day but they had all the patio heaters on full as well, so it wasn't remotely cold. I spent the whole night outside and it was fantastic. Really felt like being on a beach on holiday. There were even people in the corner building sandcastles.

Nice job Rain.

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