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The Northern Whig is a bar like no other in Belfast. It's website describes itself as 'neo-classic' and while I'm not too sure what that term means, it sort of makes sense.

Upoun entering the bar you can't help but immedately notice the collection of Bolshevik statues they have imported from the Soviet Union. It's pretty striking and for fans of Russian history like myself, it's worth going to the bar just to see them. One of them is of an idealistic revolutionary worker with his red flag proudly in his left hand. He's looking out at the new era of brotherhood that he hoped was about to dawn. No idea of the system of terror and Stalinist abuse that was to occur instead. It's enough to bring a tear to your eye.

Anyway, back to the bar, the Northern Whig offers an impressive selection of well presented, delicious and vibrant coctails. A whole variety of draught beers and whiskeys - it has something for everyone, personally I'm a fan of the Jack Daniels Single Barrel, few places have it.

The music is electronic and funky brought to you by two fantastic DJs - Davy Waite and Darren Graham.

Not many students frequent the place at night but the crowd is diverse anyway. From hen nights to old men looking for a relaxed pint, everyone can enjoy the place.

I really cannot reccomend the place enough, it's really one of the best bars Belfast has to offer.

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