Pubs on the Ormeau Road  


I meant to write this review earlier but I've been too busy with exams and revision.

The Ormeau road offers quite an interesting selection of pubs. Generally they are quite local with a lot of regualrs. 

The Parador Hotel is a good place to go for a pint and to watch the football. The pints are slightly cheaper than the Belfast average but nothing special. As it's a 'Hotel' it also serves food, on select nights like Valentines the corner of the bar gets decorated a little with artificial flowers and table cloths. The one couple I saw eating there looked especially miserable. I quite like the Parador, it's a nice place to go and talk to people, especially if you know a few people there but it's hardly a Belfast must see.

Just up the road from the Parador is the Pavillion/'The Big House'. The Pavillion is a bar with three floors, downstairs it serves food and has several HD TV's for watching the sport or the racing. Although I was dissapointed when I went there to see the Championship Leauge final on only 2 screens with the racing on the others. It doesn't seem like a bar that takes sport seriously.
There are two other floors in the place but I've never been beyound the ground floor so I'll assume they are shit. I'll never forgive them for so reluctantly showing the Burnley game.

Next to the Pavillion is 'The Erigle'. The Erigle is a big bar, with several rooms all with different atmosphere's. Whilst there is a bit of variety to the place it remains consistent in the very poor quality of the Guinness. Apparently the pipes go through the roof and the lighting heats them up or something. Just make sure you drink out of a bottle.

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